Sleeping with a friend


Have you ever been in that situation when you get drunk with one of your female friends, only to end up in bed and wake up next to each other the next day? It doesn’t sound like a big deal at first, but many people who have done it will tell you that their friendship was affected, and not always for the better. After all there are a lot of feeling that take place during friendship, and mixing sex into the equation can sometimes complicate things. Let’s take a look at how it all works.

It just happens

Sometime you just want to have sex, it’s that simple. Most people these days tend to look at adult dating sites like when they feel the need for a good time; but online dating isn’t for everyone. There are times when you simply don’t plan on certain things to happen. Let’s say you’re out in a club with that good female friend; you dance and drink all night and you end up walking each other back home. Nothing abnormal there, friends should look after each other and it only makes sense that you accompany each other as walking home alone can be dangerous. Then you get to their home and you decide to have another drink and then before you even know it you’re in the same bed… it just happens, the question is how do you feel when you wake up?

The next morning

Once you wake up next to your friend and the both of you have very little clothes on, you know what happened last night. Most of us don’t get so drunk they don’t remember, but that happens to. The truth is that there is no telling how both of you will feel. One might be happy and comfortable about the whole thing whilst the other might not be at ease and they just wish for you to leave and pretend like nothing ever happened. Your best bet is to get up, make some coffee and have a quick talk about it. You’ve just had sex so it’s important that you talk so that things aren’t too awkward in the future. But what do you say?

After-sex talk

You both did something you wanted to do on the moment, so as such you’re nothing more than two consenting adults who wanted to have a good time.Ultimately, you will want to make sure your friendship is still intact; but maybe there is a further reason you ended up in bed together. It is worth considering the fact that maybe you could try to do it again, especially if the two of you really enjoyed it. Just be honest, say what you have in mind; and make sure to listen to what your friend has to say. The only thing to avoid is to come up with the “I love you” comments, as it is not what people want to hear when they wake up hangover. Let’s face it your friendship has just reached a new level, and you can’t walk away from that. Just deal with it like a couple of adults and who knows, you might be at it again. If not, just brush it off, it happened but it doesn’t have to be a big deal; it’s just something that some friends occasionally go through; after all what are friends for if not to have a good time with each other?

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