The Most Common Mistakes That Might Wreak Havoc While Dating a Friend


Just because you and your close friend are single, it does not mean that you have to go on a date. But there could be confusing moments where you look at him or her and think about whether things might work for you. Dating a friend could be quite an adventure. You know each other’s secrets and preferences and have laughed and cried together. Consequently, you need to take some care of yourself before taking a single friend on a date.

Broaching the Prospect

Creating a date vibe for a single friend can be a delicate thing. And the smartest thing that you can do is to make things light. You are friends over everything else, so keep treating her as a friend, and consider a drink before popping in the question. Make sure that you take her to any date-like spot, and do not invite anyone else to join you. And instead of beating about the bush, you can simply make a direct, theoretical approach. Some premier escorts service in Bangalore recommend that you try “Do you think that we can ever date?” or “Have you ever thought of us as a couple?” If it’s a yes from her, then it would be up to you to let other friends know about the status of the newfound relationship.

When it’s a No

There can be an uncomfortable pause as a response to your proposal. You can also get a direct “NO” from her. In either case, you can shut the matter down by laughing it off. It is not a good idea to press the matter further but stay clear that you would still want to stay on good terms. Your declaration and the clear conclusion need to be the final time that you discuss your heart’s matter.

Go Slow and Set Boundaries

Even if a friend readily reciprocates your feelings, there is no need to jumpstart a date. She would be transitioning from one relationship status to the other. As both the relationship experts and escorts in Adelaide put it, this change might take some time. Instead of a typical date, you can help her more by spending more time and observing your approaches to different contexts of love and romance. And right from the start, both of you should be clear about your communication needs and relationship wants. The earlier you stay candid with yourselves, the more realistic you will be in such relationships.

The Rules are going to Be Different Here

Going on a blind date is one thing, and dating a girl you already know well is the other. She might not be expecting you to woo her in the conventional ways. In fact, there are typical date-like things that might annoy her. You can, for example, make a smart move by not taking her to a movie. You have the girl you wanted, and there is no need to spend another two hours in silence. If you want to fathom her better, then try taking her to some outdoorsy places.  You can also take some cue from a real person who has picked a fine girl after Goggling Cardiff escorts near meHis years of dating have made her believe that girls do not like unnecessary compliments. And you don’t need to shower your girl with compliments because she has just agreed to go beyond the boundaries of friendship. And she knows how you usually dress. So, it is useless to fake a persona or try a new look or a new suit. However, no one can go wrong with nice cologne. However, keep your mouth shut and listen to her, arrive on the agreed spot at least 10 minutes early, and pay her bills.

The finishing Touch

Many people make a decision to keep their bond firmly platonic, particularly while developing feelings for any friend. But also there are other people who decide to take an opportunity, expecting only fine things from it. The choice of starting to date a friend is never easy.  There is no way to know what might happen.  So no matter what happens in the future, don’t forget to remind yourselves that you will always cherish your friendship.

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