What types of escorts exist, and what services do they include?


Successful and wealthy men often attend parties and receptions in bohemian society. However, only a few people appear alone at such events. Most single executives, business people, and politicians come accompanied by a beautiful girl who can charm and maintain an interesting conversation. For many influential men, this is the only way to emphasize their status and impress colleagues and business partners.

Types of escort services and their characteristics

There are several types of escorts, including different leisure activities. Let’s look at the main ones:

  • Classic escort. This escort type involves accompanying men to various events, such as business meetings, presentations, and banquets. Sociable girls with attractive appearances cope well with this role. Business people who work often sometimes need to talk it out, relax, and take their minds off problems. Escort girls treat the customer’s wishes with respect and understanding.
  • Escort tours. Traveling with escort girls is very popular among business people. Such trips include joint leisure time: visiting exhibitions, theaters, museums, and cinemas. This is an excellent opportunity for girls to enjoy new places with a wealthy man. If a client likes a girl, he will call her to relax not just once but constantly.
  • Escort with an emphasis on sensuality. A type of escort that provides companionship and intimacy similar to that experienced with a lover. Communication with Huren Frankfurt includes everything: hugs, kisses, massages, and other intimate activities. This type of leisure provides relaxation and vivid erotic experiences. Professional masseuses will give any man pleasure and help relieve tension.

The choice of escort service depends on the client’s preferences and goals. He can pay for the company of not one but two or even three girls at once.

Who offers escort services?

Models, aspiring actresses, singers, and other media personalities willingly become escorts. A model’s appearance and experience in this industry will be an additional advantage.

The client selects the girl he likes from the agency’s photo, pays a fee, and holds a preliminary meeting. At the set time, the lady arrives at the right place and spends the paid time with the client.

There are no uniform canons, templates, or age restrictions in escorting. You often find luxurious and quite successful women over 40 working as escorts. Many agencies offer the services of their hairdressers, makeup artists, and cosmetologists and have wardrobes with many shoes, suits, dresses, and fur coats.

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