What You Need To Learn About Solo Or Duet Prostrate Massage


Whether you prefer going solo or a shared play, anal pleasure can give you the fun that very few activities can. You can enjoy it irrespective of your gender and sexual preference. After all, your anal region is packed with extremely receptive nerves. However, with people having prostrate glands, exploration of the anal area can be especially enjoyable. The P-spot or the prostrate is the place where most of the nerve endings rest. So if you arouse them by gently massaging around, they can bring you extreme pleasure and orgasm. A little bit of preparation on your part can assure the best experience.

Prostrate Massage For Couples

Remember that caressing your anal region is a great way to start masaż prostatyHowever, the anal region needs gentler handling than that of the vagina. After all, the anal region is not meant for penetration. It is soft and susceptible to receive wounds. So before your partner starts massaging, request to trim and nails and remove pieces of jewelry like a ring, if she is wearing any. And as a receiver, ensure that you empty your bowels. Let her enjoy a no-poop play with you. Starting from the anus, ask your partner to apply gentle pressure and rub around the p-spot.

Going Solo With Your Massage

The question is, why should you consider trying it on your own? The answer is simple- it feels wonderful! Plus, you can do it even when you don’t have someone to help you with it. What is more, it helps you enjoy that inexplicably erotic and primal feeling of arousal. It gives you an experience that you might not possibly experience through usual masturbation or conventional sex. Plus, doing something naughty, taboo, or eye-brow rising would get you off for sure. However, did you know that doing your anal cavity and prostrate is physiologically good, as well? A very mild and manual stimulation strengthens your body hand ensure you to do the blow job better. You might find it absurd. However, would you not find it damn exciting to have something in your buttholes that get you on?

Equipping Yourself For The Massage

Certain accessories can enhance your overall masażprostaty experience. You can start by buying a quality lubricant. Ideally, go for a silicon-based product. They do not vaporize as, which is common with water-based lubricants. You have to have it because the anus doesn’t moisturize automatically. Also, there are advanced gadgets like vibrators that help to arouse the anal region, as well as the prostate gland. If you are trying it for the first time, then it’s ideal that you go for a unit with smaller diameter. Also, for anal stimulation, you can get some help from a vibrator that has a relatively wide loop or base. This will shield your anus from receiving injuries from the gadget.  Last, but not the least, do not underestimate the need to get excited while the massage is on. It helps in the circulation of the blood flowing inside your genitals. The more exited your anus becomes, the more accommodating it gets. Enjoy the naughty fun.

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