Why Men Should not be Afraid to use Sex Toys


While a lot of societies do not hold a negative stigma regarding women’s usage of sex toys, many men will be heavily judged for even thinking about using them. This is a ridiculous judgment, which stops many males from enjoying themselves sexually to the fullest.

By visiting www.cirillas.com you will find that there are plenty of excellent toys available for men, which should never be omitted on the basis of embarrassment or the fear of being judged. If you are a male and are worried about such thoughts befalling you, this article will help to clear the nonsense prohibiting you from emancipating your sexuality.

Double Standards

When it comes to sex toys, there is an unfair double standard with regards to the two genders and the usage of sex toys. While women are encouraged to pleasure and explore their bodies behind closed doors, men will be judged as perverts or creeps for wanting to do the same.

Many men may have considered or fantasized about using sex toys, but would never readily admit to wanting to use them for the sake of decency and masculinity. Speaking about masculinity, men would regard it as a very emasculating process, probing themselves with sex toys.

This double standard even exists within relationships, where a woman who owns and regularly uses sex toys would be horrified to find her partner doing the same. While many couples thoroughly enjoy using sex toys during sex, too many relationships exist with a hypocritical and one-sided standard.

Circumnavigating the Stigma

While many people’s ideas of male sex toys extend to cheap, plastic blow up dolls, the reality is that the male sex toy market is an incredibly varied and developing one. While nowhere near as prominent or developed as the female one, the past decade or so has seen some incredible advancements in product ranges, as well as sales.

In the past ten years, the sale of male set toys has grown by a whopping one thousand percent. The most popular toy being the Fleshlight and its variations, which is a flashlight-shaped, hand-held device which contains a lifelike vaginal replica for the use of intercourse simulation.

Exploring the Stigma

Why is it then, that despite such a rise in sales, that the stigma is still so prevalent? Many women feel like their partners are in a sense cheating on them by engaging in sexual acts with vagina-like sex toys like the Fleshlight.

What women fail to see as a benefit to sexual stamina and ability is instead strangely labeled as an unfaithful deviance. If the women that are against men using sex toys could see just how much sexual growth and skill such toys bring to men, they may change their minds when their lovers are actually able to bring much more to their sex life as a result.

A product like the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is actually geared around fostering better sexual energy and conduct for men, and brings much improvement to men who feel they may be lacking in certain areas.

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