Escorts for Disabled Clients in Australia


As walking talking able beings, we usually take our able bodies for granted because we’re healthy or healthy “enough”. We can live independently, interact well in social settings more than once a day or for long periods of time. However, what we take for granted is not always applicable for a certain part of our community that we don’t normally think about until they hit home.

If you’re a healthy male or female, you take for granted your physical and mental abilities. We normally just believe that even those who aren’t “healthy” pursue romantic relationships and explore their sexuality just the way we would, but unfortunately, this is not the case for those who are living with disability.

Have you ever thought about that?

We know that sexual exploration for physically and mentally impaired individuals can be incredibly difficult, but in this day and age, there are now more options for sexual exploration.

Touching Base, co-founded by Rachel Wotton, a sex worker, connects disabled clients with qualified sex workers to fulfil their emotional and physical desires and needs. It’s a shame for us to think their desires would be different from any able bodied human. Touching Base has learned that not every individual will be seeking sexual services, similar to escorting actually. What they offer is training courses for sex workers who want to work as disability-friendly escorts and then pairing them with the clients. The courses include Professional Disability Awareness Training (PDAT) and Service Provider Awareness Training (SPAT). SPAT is accessible to service providers and carers to help them assist a disabled client with their access to the sex industry.

Sex workers in Australia who offer disability-friendly services are listed on the Touching Base website under its referral list. These sex workers will often include this information when advertising their profiles and on their personal websites so potential clients know they are disability-friendly. If you already have an escort in mind but can’t find them on the Touching Base referral list, you can also ask them politely and they will respond yes or no. He or she will be up front and honest with you just as you are with them. These escorts for disabled clients may offer incalls and outcalls to suit your needs, just like any other escort. Sex workers who have been trained with Touching Base will know how to use special equipment (wheelchairs, hoists, etc) so you can be assured you’re taken care of. They won’t be weireded out if your carer or family member contacts them on your behalf, which is very much acceptable as there could be many details that need working out.

There is a whole network of professionals who have the skills to provide sexual services to people from all walks of life. Whatever kind of disability you may have, there are escorts available that are happy to satisfy your needs and spend time with you.

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