I guess that there are two answers to the question of whether peoples sexual tastes and practises are becoming more experimental. The first is “compared to what, whom and when?”. But the more honest answer is no, of course they aren’t. People are people are people and their tastes and demands have always been the same. A single look at the sculptures of ancient India or Thailand will disabuse you of that, as will the art of Japan. People from North America and Europe sort of expect that – the debauched East and all that – but they are then gob smacked by the number of phallic symbols of every conceivable scale and form found in ancient Rome and the murals in Pompeii and pretty much every other city in the Roman Empire.

And then there is the entire history of Europe and the UK, including the Victorian era when photography did not create pornography but just shift it from one format to another. Have a look at Whores Of Yore on Twitter and you will be amazed at the real history of sex workMalaga escorts now are not doing anything that their historical sisters are doing. The only way in which any of the current atmosphere feels different is the availability of sexual images via the internet and social media, and peoples awareness of what they want and what is available. But people do not want different things than they have always wanted. They just know what to ask for!

The number of men who ask for services that would have been regarded as out on the very edge a few years ago is amazing. Every day escort agency receptionists get asked for golden showers or water sports – where the girl lies the client in a bath and urinates all over him, sometimes into his mouth. It is a regular thing to be asked for hard sports. Look it up, I do not want to discuss it. And men who are regulars and trust the girls and the agency will often love to be tied up. And, as they say, if you want him to cum, stick your finger up his bum.

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