Masturbation Can Give You Pleasure and Confidence at the Same Time


People make up different types of words to use instead of the word masturbation. This is because they want to speak about the act of masturbation but would not want other people to overhear about the subject matter. This is the practice of touching the genitals by any man or woman. This touching is not for any other purpose but for getting pleasure out of the act. This is a healthy way to develop habit of obtaining sexual pleasure. There are around 94% men who admit that they do masturbate and almost 84% of women indulge into this act. Apart from this data – you will never find many men or women agreeing to this fact as they follow the stigma of the society about not going in for masturbation.

Effective dose of healthy hormones

This activity gives way to an effective dose of dopamine and endorphins within your body. There have been studies that showed that the ultimate pleasure gained from masturbation gives way to orgasm. You will find people using masturbation cup for men for release of dopamine and oxytocin with endorphins from the body to the blood stream helps in bonding more with your partner. The boosting of these hormones in blood turns down the stock of cortisol from the body. Cortisol increases stress within the body and when the stress causing hormone is low – you get less stressed. You also get less insomnia, inflammation and less resistance to weight loss.

More physical pleasure

There are people who are extremely anxious and ruminating. The sexual pleasure can take off the anxiety and rumination of your mind. You will find masturbation brings in that state of mind and body where you gain physical pleasure and start living in the present moment. This release of hormones through the orgasm can release stress and you can keep your body within your control. The focus of your mind also strengthens and you keep working on the present issues. You also start solving the issues sooner when your body and mind is free of stress and is completely rested.

Confidence and capability increases

Women also feel the urge to masturbate and they go for such activities often. You will find a healthy and strong woman will be full of confidence on herself. This is the result of positive care of self through release of healthy hormones within the body. When you start enjoying orgasm, you cause pleasure quotient for your body and love yourself more. This increases the emotional connection and intelligence of a person and makes one capable to do all that comes in front of her.

Keep healthy with masturbation

You will find often the women have got their own set of sex toys like the best lipstick vibrator for initiating masturbation. They can carry this lipstick and can use it anywhere that they feel is safe. Masturbation can help in preventing cervical infections and infections of urinary tract. This happens when the cervix is opened to enjoy the arousal of the pleasure point of the female body. This process also stretches the cervix to release of cervical mucus. The cervical fluids and the bacteria within it are flushed out with the process of masturbation to keep the women healthy in the process.

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