One of the questions that the owners of successful high end escort agencies get asked all the time by women who are either new to the industry or new to the town or just new to the escort agency is some variation on the theme of “how do I make as much money as possible?”. This article gives you the basic answer to that question.

One – Make sure that you want to be an escort and are prepared for it. Decide what sexual services you are prepared to offer as an high class escort and be clear about it. My suggestion is that you do not offer any services in your work life that you are not comfortable with in your social life. If you do not do anal in your personal life, you do not want to try it for the first time with a client!

Two – Take care of the product. That means you. Make sure you eat properly and healthily. Get enough sleep. Workout both with cardio and resistance. Keep your make up up to date and take advantage of the free makeovers from MAC and the others to get ideas. Make sure you visit the hairdresser regularly. Have a small but flexible capsule wardrobe that includes great lingerie (of course), casual outfits, swimwear, club clothing and the clothes and accessories to go with them all.

Three – Decide on your market positioning. Are you the hot and sexy girl next door offering the girlfriend experience (GFE) or a you a sadistic dominatrix doing BDSM? Are you a kinky sex fiend offering porn star experience (PSE) ? Are you cuddly and curvy or hard bodied fit girl? Whatever you choose, that is what you will be focusing on.

Four – Decide whether you are going to work independently or through escort agencies. If you work on your own, you will keep one hundred per cent of what the client pays. But you will also have to get your own clients and you will have no back up in the event that anything goes wrong. An escort agency will take a percentage of what the client pays (usually forty per cent) but they will also find clients, vet them, and provide help and support.


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