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Ballads, concerts, cafes, bars and restaurants in Paris make it a more beautiful and attractive destination! At night, the French capital is even more charming! And for those who want to enjoy the nightlife, the choices are many because there is something for everyone. Why not know what to do in Paris at night?

And each Parisian environment has its own personality because the subject is animation. The best time to go out at night in Paris is about 10 nights at the bar and after midnight if the destination is a nightclub or other dance places. In turn, the first only works up to 2 hours, while the best ballads do not have time to close.

Four or five Parisian districts are distinguished by the demand for ballads, bars, tanners and teasers in the French capital. In fact, the whole city has a good space for nighttime entertainment. And the beautiful girls too! You can find beautiful girls in Paris by go there.

Montmarte and Pigalle

The neighborhoods of Montmartre and Pigalle are very bohemian. This area has many bars, nightclubs and even cabarets. This is where the famous Moulin Rouge is! The most famous cabaret in the world invites to night programming. Throughout the week, many shows were presented, all very beautiful. The most disputed is Fairy, who wants to watch, must buy a ticket in advance. Speaking of beauty, be sure to read the main sights of Paris.

Another choice of ballads in this area is The Dandy. He has a very sophisticated audience and does not even think about going out with simple clothes! Its decoration with retro furniture, inspired by the cabaret. This house is only open on weekends and is located on Pierre Fontaine Street, 26.

Prices vary enormously from one salon to another. For example, the spectacle of the Féerie in the traditional Moulin Rouge varies from 77 euros, only the entry of the last show that evening, at 23 hours, up to 430 euros for a dinner at 19 hours. The machine tickets are at home 10 euros, without consumption.

Great Boulevards

The Grands Boulevards are another lively district of Paris. This region has many fun choices, especially for those who love rock and electronic music. There are several discotheques, some even hosting famous international DJs.

The Rex is one of the most famous discos in the region. Turning to electronic music, he got the best pick’up names in the world. A word of advice: it’s right next to one of the best cinemas in Paris, Le Grand Rex, which also deserves a visit. The address is 5 Boulevard Poissonnière, 75002. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday and the number of tickets varies depending on the tourist attraction. It usually oscillates between 5 and 15 euros.

Tip: Is it dangerous to go out to Paris at night?

Paris, in general, is a safe city. And almost no incident involving tourists. You can walk quietly through the streets of the city, even at dawn. Only the northern suburbs are considered unfriendly by non-Parisians. Even so, nothing scares you. If you are alone late at night, you can choose to take a taxi or a taxi to avoid being in an empty metro car. It’s just prevention.

Champs Elysées

The Champs-Élysées and Trocadéro are very popular. You will find a selection of bars, restaurants and discos, but an improved and expensive environment. It’s more “VIP”. If you want to explore local companies, it’s good to know

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